Michigan + Math + Africa

Exploring how math changes lives in Africa – a University of Michigan experience

Searching for Uncle Gregor

As a boy growing up in Germany, Werner Varnhorn loved to listen to stories about his Great Uncle Gregor, who served as a Roman Catholic missionary in a faraway land … Continue reading

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Trolling for tips

Although he’s a doctoral student in physics, Nfor Oma Nkeh sat in on an Italian professor’s lecture about financial mathematics. The Cameroonian graduate student wasn’t thinking about changing his field … Continue reading

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Cameroon – Africa in miniature

Slightly larger than California, Cameroon lies at the crossroads of West and Central Africa. Geographically, it’s got it all: rainforests, mountains, deserts and an Atlantic coastline. The country has been … Continue reading

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University of Buea

The conference’s setting is the lush campus of the University of Buea (pronounced boy-ah) at the foot of Mt. Cameroon, the tallest mountain in West Africa. Created in 1986, the … Continue reading

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An African airport

The ceiling in the arrival hall at the Douala International Airport must be one of the funkiest in the world. The airport is about an hour an a half away … Continue reading

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No pidgin, please

  English and French are the official languages of Cameroon, but English is only spoken in two of the nation’s 10 provinces. Many people speak pidgin, a mix of English … Continue reading

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The power of a conference

Since he was a graduate student, Nkem Khumbah has been trying to think of ways to use his expertise in mathematics to serve Africa. He considered teaching in Africa, but … Continue reading

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